APYS Airdrop

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How does APYS Airdrop work?

  1. You can claim your v6ABR during the 6 months Cliff.

  2. You can redeem v6ABR for ABR linearly during the next 24 months after the Cliff.

Your address is eligible, if you had APYS tokens on May 28 on your wallet or the following dapps:

  • APYSwap Vaults

  • Ferrum

  • Uniswap

  • PancakeSwap

  • Beefi

IMPORTANT: If you had APYS on a non-custodial wallet, that is not MetaMask, you should import your seed phrase into MetaMask and connect MetaMask to the website.

Claiming of v6ABR tokens will be available in October 2021. Redeeming of v6ABR to ABR will be available from March 31, 2022.

What is v6ABR?

pageWhat is Liquid Vested Token?

How to Redeem v6ABR?

Redeeming will be available soon. There will be an announcement and all the needed guides.

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