What is APYSwap Foundation?

APYSwap Foundation unites blockchains and DeFi services by building an ecosystem of crypto projects.

Our mission

Bring value and financial freedom to all kinds of people by supporting the community of like-minded blockchain professionals and helping them to successfully create new products.

Why do we build an ecosystem?

Many DeFi projects originated on Ethereum. However, as it began to scale, users have started to face many different issues resulting from Ethereum’s design. With its price reaching new heights, it is slowly getting too expensive for casual users to interact with DeFi services.

Many EVM-compatible chains were developed to circumvent Ethereum’s limitations, with Binance Smart Chain actively leading the charge. However, this and the addition of non-EVM networks spreads the services thin across a variety of chains.

Most blockchains have unique architecture and DeFi ecosystem. We believe, that for a regular user, it is wise to take advantage of as many blockchains as possible to diversify the risks and explore new opportunities. Here the cross-chain interoperability becomes essential for the future of DeFi.

APYSwap Foundation aims to create an ecosystem of products, that allows to transfer and manage assets on as many EVM and non-EVM blockchains as possible, becoming an entry point to users and projects.

Whom are we looking for?

We are interested in supporting the projects that satisfy the following aspects:

  • A project has a working product on the Testnet or Mainnet.

  • A project is built on / connects the blockchains that are supported on one of our products.

  • A project can be partnered with other ecosystem products and can benefit them as well.

  • A project has a token and thought out tokenomics or can justify why the token is not needed.

What can we offer?

There are several benefits a project can get from becoming a part of the ecosystem:

  • Partnerships with other ecosystem projects.

  • Help with marketing and community management.

  • Exposure to other projects’ communities.

  • Business development mentorship.

  • Technical mentorship.

  • Help with code audits.

  • Financial support.

What are the terms of cooperation?

Since every project is unique with an individual monetization model, we need to discuss every case separately. Depending on the product and the stage of development it is on, we will decide on the terms. If you are a project, that can bring value to the ecosystem, it is better to contact us and talk about the details.

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